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Why We Use Camphor Laurel

  •  Camphor Laurel is an exotic timber, native to Eastern Asia. It's being thinned along the east coast of Australia to be replaced with natives. Such as eucalypt's (helping to ensure the survival of our beautiful koala's). 

  • Camphor's unique, contrasting grain makes it an exceptional choice for statement pieces of furniture, such as dining tables or bed heads. 

  • Camphor's great for chopping boards as it's soft enough that it wont blunt your knives but hard enough to be considered a hard wood and will last the test of time.

  •  Our boards are handmade from a single block of wood, no joins,and left thick enough not to warp or crack.

  •  Anti-microbial essential oils prevent bacteria from growing. A University study, conducted by Alan Waterson, from Southern Cross University, proved that Camphor Laurel chopping boards are the most hygienic when compared with plastic, glass and even other timbers.


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